This winter, together with Maria Gerdyman, we started NEW OLD, a new student organization at RISD that will prototype new ways to think about the "old age".

Our Mission:

All of us, if we are lucky, will live to become old. But what kind of life will our future selves have? Will it be a life, where we are out and about, doing things for ourselves and others? Or will it be a life, where we’ve been pushed out of sight and into irrelevance?

RISD NEW OLD is a student-run organization, that prototypes new ways to make “old age” a better place. Through intergenerational workshops and discussions, we want to learn more about the realities - problems and perks - of being old, and to use this knowledge to expand the range of options available to older adults, ie. our future selves.

RISD NEW OLD is not a charity, community service or design for others. In everything we do, we are interested in approaching the needs of older adults not as problems of others, but as problems of our own future selves.

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How does this organization fulfill an unmet need for students at RISD? 

Life expectancy has increased globally, and for almost every social and ethnic group. This is both a triumph for humankind, and an important challenge/opportunity that every society must address. It makes sense to mobilize the creative minds of students here at RISD, to think up and test out ways of improving the quality of later part of human life. Additionally, brainstorming and prototyping ideas with students across disciplines and in out-of-classroom (low-stakes?) environment could increase the likelihood of unexpected and original solutions emerging.