QUESTION RISD MACHINE is a mobile discussion cart, with the help of which RISD community can ask questions/get answers in public spaces throughout RISD and beyond.

With this work, I am interested in helping to establish and celebrate the practice/protocol of question-asking at RISD. Maybe this "device" could be a part of the realization - encouraged by RISD, the institution - by all of RISD students that they can and should be ...

  • asking each other (ie. their immediate community) all types of questions (be they project- or institutional critique-related);

  • venturing outside RISD and finding out what the broader Providence community is thinking.

I made a QUESTION RISD MACHINE for Art for Social Change class, taught by Rene Payne. Since the crit session for that class, the cart was used for a variety of occasions (featured below).

Dreams: My absolute dream is for the MACHINE to be a part of the RISD Library's services, available for "check out" and use to any individual at RISD (and beyond).

Here, what I am pitching is “not this particular cart” made by me, “but the idea” of having a QUESTION MACHINE at RISD. My iteration, which already has features in need of improving (eg. stability), could be the first iteration of this tool, which itself can change its look every year/ semester/ etc.